The Board of Directors of the BKSF is made up of individuals within the motorcycling community who understand the creative process of vintage motorcycle restoration. Each member knows the sacrifices that are necessary in order to execute authentic painstaking restoration of vintage bikes. The board is chosen through a democratic election process with each member fulfilling a specific need of the Foundation. All board members are volunteers and dedicate their time to make sure that the skill sets and passions that feed the vintage bike culture grows and prospers in a positive way. The scholarship selection committee is comprised of three annually rotating members of the board. Each Board Member has specific duties and brings a lifelong passion of motorcycling to the BKSSF table. The current board of directors is made up of the following individuals:

Meet the team

  • Steve Murrin

    President and Co-Founder.

    Foundation Attorney.

  • Moon Dog Fincher

    Vice President and Co-Founder.

    Official Foundation wrench.

  • Travis Shannon

    Board Member.

    In charge of partnership development.

  • Ed

    Board Member.

    Treasurer and head of fundraising and events.

  • Jeffrey G. Musat a/k/a “El Jefe”

    Board Member.

    In charge of intellectual property, branding, logos, web and facebook presence.

  • Salvatore Deangelo

    Board Member.

    In charge of motorcycle show vending and bike transport.

  • Christopher Carr

    Board Member.

    In charge of press release, print media and community relations.

  • Patrick Janson

    Board Member.

    Secretary in charge of Board Meeting Minutes.